Founded on the backbones of a small web-development services firm, Jigabachi® formed through the development of new projects requiring a new name as a legal entity.

Jigabachi's humble origins begin in 2000 as SummerChild Web Design (part of Natsuko Inc.), sold for client acquisitions in 2006. In 2008, client-requests prompted the creation of a new small-business resulted in the formation of Redpinwheel Inc. until late 2012 where upon the company was dissolved.

In 2017, projects involving digitalization and virtualization of the agricultural industry within the scope of IoT 4.0 (the Internet of Things), prompted various new exploratory innovations, one in particular, IoT Beekeeping.

It started one fine-weathered day with an oddly-shaped wasp flew indoors, prompting a series of questions, research and business proposal ideas all because of one interloping insect.
While conducting research, a relatively unknown species of hunting and parasitoid wasps caught our attention whose morphology matched that of our "uninvited visitor".

Jigabachi ( Japanese: 似我蜂 , ジガバチ ) [Ammophila (Sphecidae)]

These "thin wasted" wasps, known for being excellent hunters and foragers, with a variety of unique colors, sizes, and adaptations, immediately called-out for praise, promting the immediate {re}branding in mid-2017 under the name of Jigabachi®.